Turbine reliability and availability are indispensable to successful wind farm or wind park operations. Given the hundreds of turbines involved and their remote locations, manual inspections are simply out of the question. Gain instant visibility into all of your turbines in one place using SeeMyMachines, our wind farm monitoring software.

SeeMyMachines provides real-time oversight of your wind farms wherever you are. No matter how remote or geographically dispersed or large, SeeMyMachines unifies them on a single screen for easy monitoring and timely diagnostics.

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Wind Turbine Remote Monitoring

Get a comprehensive view of all your wind farms or wind parks on your desktop or mobile for real-time performance and production monitoring.

Wind turbine remote monitoring system

  • Monitor Turbine Parameters: Check Generator and Rotor Speed, Nacelle and Gearbox Oil Temperature, Yaw Deviation, Pitch Angle, Nacelle Position and Power Produced per turbine.

  • Detect Underperformance: Compare the power curve provided by the turbine manufacturer with actual power output to catch turbine underperformance.

  • Track Power Production: Time track average power production relative to wind speeds on a visually intuitive time-series graph.

  • View Farm and Turbine Data: Navigate from a list of wind farms to individual turbines and view all details – current and historical – for each turbine.

  • Get Visual Alerts: Swiftly detect turbine performance issues with the help of easily recognizable color codes for timely maintenance and corrective action.

Business Reports

Improve ROI through effective wind farm monitoring by tracking changes in input and output parameters as well as performance indicators. The data visualized by SeeMyMachines gives you a quick grasp of the complex operating environment.

  • Energy Monitoring

    Monitor cumulative energy production at the farm and turbine-level over any interval of time (weekly/monthly/yearly/lifetime). With the help of power curves and turbine availability data, you can detect ageing-related issues as well as noncompliance with performance guaranteed by manufacturers.

  • Maintenance Monitoring

    Manage various contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLA) in one place. You can ensure compliance to SLAs by the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team through the ticketing system.

  • Seasonal Trends

    Track wind patterns and energy output at the farm level throughout the year to assess dips and variations in wind potential and their impact on energy production.

Gain IoT-enabled insights into your wind farms