Square up to competition with SeeMyMachines, the smart factory platform.

The platform invests your factory with traits essential to compete in this era of rapid digitalization and helps realize substantive benefits from such investments.

  • Connected Machines


  • Intelligent Operations


  • Streamlined Processes


  • Informed Decisions


Intelligent Visualization and Information on the Go

SeeMyMachines provides powerful data visualization as a computerized maintenance management information

Data gathered from diverse sources is not inherently intuitive. Through powerful visualization, SeeMyMachines simplifies it for users, from owners to operators. As a computerized maintenance management information system, it reduces the burden of tracking SLAs and maintenance over a machine’s lifetime. All of this is accessible via a mobile app for information on the go.

Clinch These Smart Outcomes

Maximized machine utilization with smart manufacturing using Smart factory solutions

Maximized Machine Utilization

Track utilization of all the machines and step up measures to maximize utilization. Are the machines functioning to their full capacity? Is the utilization rate in line with the demand? Following potential red flags to their root cause and resolving them early, you can prolong machine life, optimize utilization of existing assets, and prevent wasteful expenditure on new ones.

Smart machine failure prediction system to minimize machine downtime

Minimized Machine Downtime

By predicting machine failure and implementing proactive measures ahead of time, SeeMyMachines drastically reduces unscheduled downtime. The app brings actionable information with short- and long-term impact to your fingertips with the help of inbuilt real-time and predictive analytics.

Smart manufacturing systems optimizes production

Optimized Production

Ultimately, how smart you are boils down to how cost-effectively you utilize resources to achieve maximum productivity even amidst fluctuations in the market you serve. This requires all-around information spanning the entire supply chain operations. By capturing all relevant data points, SeeMyMachines empowers you to make smart production decisions.

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