Raise the level of scrutiny of your distant assets and operations with SeeMyMachines remote monitoring application.

With capabilities that extend from condition sensing to data visualization, the application offers an advanced solution for monitoring complex industrial environments.


Multifaceted Remote
Monitoring System

Multifaceted Remote Monitoring System


Important functional parameters

Important functional


Data 24x7 to a central processor

Data 24x7 to
a central processor


Data for unusual behaviors

Data for unusual


Users when preset limits are crossed

Users when preset
limits are crossed

Remote machine monitoring system


Failure of machine components

Failure of
machine components


Data for further analysis

Data for
further analysis


Data from multiple systems

Data from
multiple systems


Data for all types of users

Data for all
types of users

Secure Data Transmission and Access

Secure data transmission and access

Adherence to standard cryptographic protocols and role-based access ensure your data is secure while it is transmitted over wireless networks from one device to another. With these safeguards in place, all authenticated users can safely access data from anywhere in the world using a web or mobile application.

Components of Remote Monitoring Application

  • Online Web Portal

    Provides summary & drill-down view, alerts, current & cumulative status.

  • Admin Console

    Lets you define users so you can manage access to data based on user roles.

  • Analytical Engine

    Helps to connect, capture, and analyze data and create contextual awareness.

Benefits Realized Across Industries

No matter where your machines are located or how widely they are distributed, you can maintain the same high level of scrutiny.

  • Wind Farms

  • Solar Plants

  • Water Treatment

  • Power

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Printing

  • Oil & Gas

Maximize benefits

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  • Visibility into assets and processes
  • Machine failure detection
  • Machine uptime
  • Asset life and utilization
  • Operational efficiency
  • Employee safety
  • Product quality
  • Planning and strategy
  • Workforce collaboration
  • ROI
  • Customer service

Minimize issues

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  • Errors in assessment
  • Wasteful maintenance
  • Unexpected breakdowns
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Collateral damage to components
  • Risk of occupational hazards
  • Disruptions to workflow
  • Siloed decisions
  • Manual labor
  • Wasteful CAPEX and OPEX
  • Product recalls and service issues

Make remote monitoring a reality