Got resources on the move? Track them using SeeMyMachines real-time location system (RTLS).

Indoors or outdoors, the system updates you on their position and sends you automatic alerts on detecting issues that require immediate attention.

  • Location Tracking

  • Geofencing

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Wayfinding

Insights that Transcend Location

Integrated with the Internet of Things platform (IoT) and other on-site information systems, SeeMyMachines offers complete oversight over machines, assets, people, and workflows. The location and condition of your assets, their availability and utilization, and other KPIs can thus be efficiently monitored on a unified SeeMyMachines platform.

Industrial Use Cases of SeeMyMachines RTLS

SeeMyMachines amps up operational efficiency and labor productivity with significant cost savings in industries where monitoring resources is of paramount importance.

  • Manufacturing

    • Keep track of high-value products across the assembly line
    • Monitor work in progress
    • Address bottlenecks in the production lifecycle proactively
    • Schedule jobs more efficiently based on machine location
    • Improve safety of employees operating heavy machinery
  • Retail Stores

    • Study customer behavior using tagged shopping carts
    • Optimize product placement based on observed paths, dwell times
    • Improve store navigation and visitor experience
    • Engage customers with location-based advertisements
    • Prevent theft of valuable retail items
  • Hospitals

    • Track all critical resources—doctors, nurses, patients, devices
    • Automate biospecimen tracking and guard against missing specimens
    • Locate the nearest available resource during medical emergencies
    • Identify idle assets and maximize utilization
    • Protect elderly patients and newborn babies
  • Airports

    • Maintain accurate inventory of all airport assets
    • Locate and recover carts quickly from airport premises
    • Monitor restricted areas for unauthorized entry or exit
    • Make check-in and checkout less cumbersome
    • Locate and allocate staff for ground operations on demand
  • Logistics

    • Keep track of goods in transit and ward off loss
    • Locate inventory faster in large warehouses
    • Feed location data for drone-assisted pickups at warehouse
    • Expedite delivery and order fulfillment
    • Improve operator safety through proximity alerts

Make RTLS a Reality for Your Business