Varying demand is typical of the power sector. Expensive power plants are switched on to meet peak demand or additional infrastructure investments are made for the future, both of which can cost consumers dearly. With competing distributed energy resources (DER), emerging demand response technologies and changing customer expectations, this model has become untenable.

Innovation has taken long to reach electric power utilities, but now that it has, there is no looking back. For one, there are environmental regulations and concerns about sustainable development. Distributed energy generation and storage technologies are challenging the pre-eminence of traditional centralised power systems. Sophisticated control devices now allow flexibility in energy demand. The clarion call for energy and cost efficiency is now louder than ever.

SeeMyMachines boosts efficiency by enabling interconnected visibility into multiple systems and operations. A secure, end-to-end IoT platform, SeeMyMachines drives value by generating real-time and predictive insights that support smart generation and transmission decisions.

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