As a plant manager, you need to constantly find ways to improve operational performance. Even if your machines work as per plan, there could be bottlenecks that you are unaware of. SeeMyMachines is a connected factory solution that will come in handy to help you closely monitor your machines’ performance. It will be a useful add-on to your factory if you wish to protect your investment and prolong asset life.

SeeMyMachines can remotely monitor all operations in your production unit. It surveils critical process parameters and detects variations in them. This will help you ensure that the machines are operated in the right range and conditions specified by the manufacturer. You will have access to the latest production statistics, helping you troubleshoot delays. You also get alerts against predefined conditions such as operating threshold breaches, malfunctions, or downtimes. It also predicts machine failures with the help of an advanced Machine Learning technology.

View machine status and other records on the Plant Manager dashboard

SeeMyMachines interfaces easily with your ERP/MRP systems to collect details of jobs, shifts and operators. It also helps you maintain records of asset details, purchase/installation details, warranty and maintenance contracts, operator and service manuals, and so on. You can keep track of spare parts you carry and their location, making them readily available during maintenance. You will be notified of parts that fail quite frequently so that you can maintain an additional stock.

The application has an easy-to-use interface that lets you collaborate with manufacturers and dealers without any effort. Service and Support personnel can be given instant access to required information.

SeeMyMachines Engagement Model

Successfully implementing Industrial IoT in your plant requires expertise and experience. Self-service models (where they ship you the adapters and you configure yourself) rarely work. You need an experienced and knowledgeable partner who can handhold you through every step of the process. Your consulting/implementation partner should have deep knowledge of factory environment, manufacturing processes, PLCs, industrial protocols, Internet protocols such as MQTT, experience building data pipelines and scalable stream processors, big-data analytics, machine-learning and visualization. SeeMyMachines brings together all these disparate skills required for a successful IIoT implementation under one roof.

SeeMyMachines implementation typically runs through the following stages:

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