Proactive Service Delivery

Enhancing Product Value through Servitization

As a machine manufacturer, you will need to gain insights on how your machines perform under real-world conditions. You might also want to make sure they are operated within the thresholds they are designed for. SeeMyMachines helps you keep an eye on the machines sold to your customers, and alert them if they are being operated outside the acceptable range. The results are prolonged machine life and improved customer satisfaction.

You might already be collecting process data such as temperature, pressure, flow and vibrations that control machine operations. The data captured by the machine controller (PLC) can be transmitted to SeeMyMachines for in-depth analysis. We can also install additional sensors on your machines to gather data that you may not be capturing now. You will be interested to know details such as the location of the machine, who is using it and the conditions under which it is being operated - ambient temperature, humidity, dust, power fluctuations and so on.

Your service and support personnel can be given instant access to information while on the move. You can also share user manual and service manual with your customers.

SeeMyMachines Manufacturer dashboard provides information that helps you:

Track warranty and service contracts

Maintain records

View spare parts details

Keep track of parts that tend to fail frequently

Predict machine failures through Machine Learning technology

Provide post-installation support and scheduled maintenance