SeeMyMachines swaddles a breadth of hardware and software components to accelerate industrial optimisation. Edge devices of SeeMyMachines can seamlessly communicate with industry-leading PLC/PACs (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Omron among others) and Internet-enable your machines. SeeMyMachines also connects to OPC servers or even runs an OPC server on its own. A range of server-side components takes charge of data storing, processing, analytics and visualisation.


Versatile and Customisable

Building an IoT solution from the ground up and maintaining it over its lifetime is intensive in terms of capital, time and labour. As an IoT-application-ready platform, SeeMyMachines speeds up development and deployment of industry-specific solutions. Be it manufacturing, power generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy, or water treatment, the platform can be adapted to achieve complex needs including remote real-time condition monitoring, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, and asset management.

Open and Flexible

Equipped with the best of big data, web, mobile and cloud technologies, SeeMyMachines offers a sturdy framework for large-scale industrial IoT operations. A technology stack comprising Kafka, Spark, HDFS and MongoDB keeps it open and flexible. SeeMyMachines integrates with industrial automation systems such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). It translates industrial protocols such as Modbus and Profinet to Internet protocols such as MQTT and HTTPS.



With connected devices easily growing from a few hundreds to a few millions and the data to be processed in real-time growing proportionately larger, IoT platforms are expected to scale. SeeMyMachines is built to scale efficiently and perform consistently regardless of the number of devices in your IoT deployment. It ingests data from diverse data sources and executes data-intensive computations reliably even as data grows in volume or speed.


Data can be prey to security risks during transmission and storage. SeeMyMachines effectively addresses these security vulnerabilities. Standards-based secure protocols ensure information security in communications between edge devices and the server. An API-based authentication system validates the identity of devices communicating to the server. Device-level security can be managed through the OPC server. Role-based access control provides fine-grained control over data on the portal/software.