IoT Deployment

Realizing the Industrial Internet

Are you ready to embrace the enormous opportunities of Industrial Internet of Things?

Be it continuous or discrete manufacturing, utilities or agriculture, implementing SeeMyMachines will be transformational. With the power of cloud connected systems and data intelligence, SeeMyMachines equips your business to overcome challenges.

Renewable Energy

From the rotational speed of wind turbines to the temperature of solar cells, SeeMyMachines helps monitor various asset conditions. Combined with weather data, it can be used for accurate forecasting.

Power Generation and Transmission

SeeMyMachines provides an integrated platform for distributed power generation resources. Remote monitoring and inspections data visualized on maps enable faster response and better maintenance strategies reducing outages.

Water Treatment

Sensors are used to check if filters are clean, monitor vibrations of pumps, measure oxygen levels and much more. Captured data is effectively utilized to optimize operations at water treatment plants.

Industrial Manufacturing

Productivity in factory units are acutely dependent on machine health. With real-time condition monitoring and historical data analysis, SeeMyMachines allows users to predict equipment failure or maintenance requirements.


Oil & Gas

Offshore and onshore site operations can be better streamlined when connected to the SeeMyMachines platform. Get connected to reduce safety hazards, predict production, or avoid unscheduled downtimes.


Collect data from temperature, humidity, pH and other sensors networked wirelessly to the platform. Utilize it for soil quality checking, auto irrigation, site-specific nutrient management, or produce preservation and tracking.

Transportation and Logistics

Be it fleet management, price optimization or cold chain monitoring, SeeMyMachines provides analytical insights for transportation and logistics services. Make use of it to lower costs and improve operational efficiency.