Converging information and operational technologies, SeeMyMachines offers a game-changing platform for industrial transformation.

Optimization Across Industries

Industrial applications of remote monitoring
With its modular framework, SeeMyMachines adapts to the needs of all industries, including yours. Reach out to us to learn more.

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SeeMyMachines explainer video

Why SeeMyMachines?

SeeMyMachines extracts insights that are of immediate and far-reaching value from the data it collects from sensors and other sources. It detects variations in incoming data, thereby enabling real-time action. With its machine learning capabilities, it provides insights that go a long way in minimizing risks. The results of the complex computations executed by SeeMyMachines are presented on intuitive dashboards as relevant to owners, operators, maintenance staff, and analysts.

  • Open

    Designed to support standards such as MQTT and HTTPS and leading PLC/PACs.

  • Intelligent

    Capable of predictive modeling, anomaly detection, and automatic alerts.

  • Scalable

    Built on highly scalable big data frameworks such as Kafka, Spark, and MongoDB.

  • Secure

    Secured by standard protocols for data encryption and access control.

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